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Vaughan Electrical Supply

219 Champlain

219 Champlain Road in Penetanguishene below; your quote number is QN-00004023.


This quote is based on the following submitted information from Enzo:

  • Residential snow melt request
  • ~2900 sqft
  • Paver Topping
    • (Sand base – heating cables to be zip tied to 6”x6” flat welded mesh and embedded in sand under the pavers)
      • Mesh to be provided by a 3rdparty
  • Installation in Penetanguishene, On.
  • No controls requested at this time*
  • 240V


Please advise TRM if any of the above information is not correct as we will need to review and update the quote accordingly.


Please note the current amperage draw for this project is ~547 Amps on 240V


Please see below and attached for imperative notes when a paving stone topping is utilized for embedding snow melting cables.

Paving stones are a very difficult medium to provide snow melting for and it is 100% imperative that our cross-sectional detail is followed.


Item 1) Cables must not be embedded more than 3” beneath the finished surface level – if cables are embedded more than 3” away from the finished surface level, performance of the cables will be compromised and may not melt snow at all.


Item 2) Pavers must not be thicker than 2.25” .


Item 3) Gravel, pea stone, and HPB are not suitable mediums to embed heating cables as there are air gaps between these mediums and heating cables that lead to cables burning themselves up and premature cable failures.  In paving stone cross sections, cables MUST be embedded in limestone screenings in fine screenings the size of sand granules, sand, concrete, or mortar.  Stones or aggregates with chunks are not approved to embed snow melting cables.


Item 4) The grooves between paving stones MUST be backfilled with polymeric sand to make the cross section impermeable.  Permeability can lead to sand or limestone screenings washing away.  If cables are exposed to free air or air gaps between the cables and the heat transferring medium, cables burn up their own jackets and fault prematurely.


TRM to supply Vaughan Electric with the following materials:

(20) TRM-SM-6300W-240 Heating Cables

  • Each heating cable will draw 26.3 Amps on 240V

(1) TRM-SM-4950W-240 Heating Cable

  • This heating cable will draw 20.6 Amps on 240V
  • All heating cables will output 45W/sqft or more @ 4” spacing

(5) Bags of zip ties (1000/bag)

(1) Shop drawing