Air cooled standby generator 16KW Kit
Air cooled standby generator 16KW Kit
Air cooled standby generator 16KW Kit
Air cooled standby generator 16KW Kit

Air cooled standby generator 16KW Kit

Eaton's standby generators make it easy, affordable and worry-free, to supply reliable backup power for residential and light commercial applications. Whether you are home or away, they quietly protect your home and family, with an immediate, automatic, and reliable response to utility power failure, so power is never lost.

Kit Includes:

(1) 16 KW Eaton Generator 

(1) Battery

(1) Battery & Oil Warmer

(1) 100 ATS with SE Rated Disconnect 


Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Eaton's Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are used with standby generators to automatically transfer power to the generator when utility power fails. Package includes our 100 AMP service entrance rated switch combining the disconnect and automatic transfer switch in one convenient enclosure.  Further battery, battery warmer are also included. 


Eaton’s new generator monitoring system is the most efficient, cost effective method of viewing your backup power system’s status. Unlike wi-fi based programs, which ultimately fail in the event of an outage, homeowners are able to monitor the status of their generator on the go by using any smart phone, tablet or computer. Compatible with most brands, Eaton’s system is simple to install and easy to use. In addition, Eaton offers free monitoring for the first 12 months* as well as a 1-year limited warranty.

 Features and Benefits 

Personalized web–based portal provides real time status information Generator is working properly 

Reminds homeowner of schedule maintenance 

Uninterruptible power during an outage unlike wi–fi based platforms 

Most cost effective wireless monitoring system in the market 

Quick installation 

Easy to use 

Multiple customizable messages for reduced troubleshooting time 

Free monitoring service included for the first 12 months 1 

1–year limited warranty 

Compatible with most generator brands 

Generac Motor

Maximizes engine “breathing” for increased fuel efficiency. Plateau-honed cylinder walls and plasma moly rings help engine run cooler, reducing oil consumption. Because heat is the primary cause of engine wear, the OHVI has a significantly longer life than competitive engines

• Rigid construction and added durability provide long engine life

• Assured smooth, quick start every time

• Superior lubrication to all vital bearings means better performance, less maintenance, and significantly longer engine life. Now featuring a 2-year/200-hour oil change interval

• Superior shutdown protection prevents catastrophic engine damage from low oil • Prevents damage due to overheating

• Allows for smaller, lightweight unit that operates 25% more efficiently than a revolving armature generator

• Produces a smooth output waveform for electronic equipment compatibility
• Maximizes motor starting capability
• Regulates the output voltage to ±2%, which prevents damaging voltage spikes

• Selects the operating mode for easy, at-a-glance status indication
• Weather-resistant interface allows smooth programming and operations for the user
• Constantly monitors utility voltage, set points 60% dropout, and 80% pickup of standard voltage • Prevents nuisance startups of the engine, adjustable 2 to 1500 seconds
• Ensures engine is ready to assume the load, set point approximately 5 seconds
• Allows engine to cool prior to shutdown, set point approximately 1 minute
• Operates engine to prevent oil seal drying and damage between power outages
• Maintains battery charge level to ensure starting
• Protects generator from overload
• Maintains constant 60 Hz frequency
• USB port allows programming updates for field adjustment vs. full replacement

• Ensures protection against nature’s elements. Hinged key locking roof panel for security. Lift-out front for easy access to all routine maintenance items. Electrostatically applied textured epoxy paint for added durability

• Quiet, critical grade muffler is mounted inside the unit to prevent injuries • Makes for an easy, eye-appealing installation
• Complies with local dB noise levels

• Easy installation using an Eaton Certified Contractor and extend your warranty to 5 years!

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