Body dryer

Body dryer

  • FORGET ABOUT THE TOWEL and dry yourself from head to toe effectively and effortless through the air from its 27 diffusors adjustable in intensity and temperature.
  • HYGIENIC AND EFFORTLESS. Valiryo offers a more natural drying that avoids the friction of the towel on the skin protecting the body from germs and bacteria nestled inside.
  • A NEW RELAX EXPERIENCE for your home that promotes muscle relaxation and leaves your skin softer and more hydrated. Rest your body and mind!
  • INCREASED SAFETY. Especially for people with limited mobility, Valiryo greatly reduces the risk of slipping and falling over during the drying process on wet surfaces
  • EASY INSTALLATION. No significant alterations to the bathroom are necessary. There is no need for any regular maintenance, profound cleaning or replacement of components either
  • available in white and black.