Cor-line ENT Tubing

Cor-line ENT Tubing


1. Unroll Kwikon to desired lengthAvailable in convenient coil and reel lengths up to 1,500 ft., Kwikon gives you the flexibility to measure out exactly the amount of tubing you need. Kwikon requires fewer couplings for long spans than metal conduit. It’s recommended ENT be securely fastened at 2 – 3 ft. intervals.

2. Cut Kwikon with an Ent CutterFor straight cuts every time use the Kwikon scissor-style cutting tool. However, no special tools or cutting equipment are necessary. Kwikon can even be cut with a standard utility knife.

3. Make bends and turns by handUnlike metal which has to be cut to fit tight spaces, Kwikon can be bent, turned and manipulated by hand to wind around irregular curves and corners. When bending, ensure the radius of the curve is at least six times the diameter of the tubing.

4. Simply snap connections togetherWith no special tools or equipment needed, Kwikon’s unique snap-on fittings quickly and easily join or terminate Kwikon ENT and provide a concrete-tight connection.

5. Pull Cable through KwikonKwikon’s interior corrugated surface significantly reduces the amount of friction when pulling cables through long runs, even in runs with 90o bends. With Kwikon, you can pull longer runs of cable without worrying about damage.