Oscillating Multi Tool
Oscillating Multi Tool
Oscillating Multi Tool
Oscillating Multi Tool
Oscillating Multi Tool

Oscillating Multi Tool

The high performance, universal system for interior construction and renovation with comprehensive accessories for unrivaled versatility.

  • Self-supporting motor with vibration decoupling for outstanding vibration and noise reduction.
  • Very powerful 350 Watt FEIN high-performance motor for optimal cutting speeds and maximum work progress.
  • Highest quality and stability thanks to metal gear case and consistent use of ball or needle bearings.
  • Convenient QuickIN rapid-clamping system
  • Electronic speed control with tacho generator for constant speed, even under load.
  • Integrated interface for mounting additional system accessories.
  • Softgrip zone provides optimal handling.
  • StarlockPlus tool mount with outstanding torque transfer, fits all Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories.
  • Wide selection of accessories available for all applications.

The best oscillating multi-tools.
Since 1967 and in the future.

The first oscillating power tool from FEIN - the plaster cast saw

This saw was patented as a circular saw with an angular oscillating saw blade. It was used primarily in orthopaedics for cutting plaster casts. The crescent pattern of the oscillating rotation cut through the hard cast without damaging the patient’s skin. The plaster cast saw was equipped with a more powerful gearbox to upgrade it to a chassis saw. The plaster cast saw formed the basis of FEIN's range of sophisticated oscillating power tools.


FEIN – the pioneer in oscillating power tools.

The oscillating movement with up to 20 000 oscillations a minute and an amplitude of 2 x 1.6 degrees enable a high sanding capacity and fantastic cutting performance, as well as a whole host of applications.


The FEIN SANDER gives rise to the FEIN MultiMaster.

The FEIN SANDER gives rise to the first FEIN MultiMaster. The name says it all thanks to an extensive range of new accessories.



FEIN – the inventor of the tool-free accessory change.

The patented FEIN QuickIN clamping system, the only system of its kind in the world, enables tool-free accessory changes – an extremely convenient feature that saves a lot of time when using a variety of accessories.

FEIN – making use of optimum power transmission

The FEIN MultiMaster's patented 8-star tool mounting ensures the tools are completely secure, even when subjected to high loads, and enables optimum power transmission for efficient work progress.


FEIN Cordless MultiMaster – mobile and powerful

You can now handle interior work and renovation with even greater flexibility and mobility, with the same performance as that delivered by the mains-powered variant. The high charge capacity of the lithium-ion batteries allow for long periods of work, even under the toughest conditions.


Even more powerful, quieter and almost zero-vibration.

The next generation: The new FEIN MultiMaster.


FEIN oscillators with the Starlock tool mounting

Highest work performance and rapid tool change.