Humidity Fan Control

Humidity Fan Control

Humidity Based Fan Control, HSW, adds intelligent moisture detection to any fan or ventilation system. HSW senses condensation levels in the air, turns on the fan or ventilation system, and runs it until the room is back to a safe moisture level. HSW has adjustable timer settings for manual time use and adjustable condensation for sensitivity. The capability to adjust the sensitivity level on HSW enables the end user to truly tailor their fan or ventilation system to any environment regardless of room size, climate or season.

  • Turns ON the fan when condensation is present and OFF when dry.
  • Adjusts sensors to solve moisture problems.
  • Helps fight mold.
  • Ultra moisture-sensing adaptive technology (patented).
  • Manual timer settings from 5-60 minutes.
  • Great for tenant and family use.
  • Manual fan control for immediate ventilation.
  • Manual bathroom lighting control (HSWC only).
  • Lets you know the fan is ON.
  • Tamper-proof settings cover.