The Value high bay is an economical combination of solid performance and quality construction. This product is ideally suited for use in mid- to high ceiling applications including industrial, warehouses, gymnasiums, and big box retail. 

The beghelli comes just in time as rebates come to an end in Ontario, these value driven prices keep the retrofits alive without a need for rebates! 

Thermally designed for high bay applications. This LED fixture features two impressive lumen packages 15,000 Lumens ideal for 15' mounting in warehouse applications.  While the 22,000 Lumen package is ideal for 20' ceiling heights.   Operating ambient temperature range from -40 to 40 degree celsius.  Equivalent light output to an 4 lamp T5HO and 6 lamp T5HO systems using half the wattage.  Replaces conventional MH high bays using quarter of the wattage, longer life and instant on starts.   

The Beghelli is the best value and performance driven fixture to date (2018)


Only 125 lumens per watt

Replace 250W or 4 Lamp T5HO Fixtures

15,000 Lumens using only 150 watts

Replace 400W or 6 Lamp T5HO Fixtures

22,000 Lumens using only 192 watts

Available in 120V and 347V



Manufacturing Areas

Retail Stores & Supermarkets 

Warehouse and distribution 

Standard 0-10v dimming on board

5 Year warranty backed by Philips Lighting a 100+ year company!