Outdoor Motion Sensor
Outdoor Motion Sensor
Outdoor Motion Sensor

Outdoor Motion Sensor


COLOR- bronze only 

INTENDED USE — The OMS 2000 is designed to be used with traditional and LED outdoor lights providing automatic ON/OFF control when motion is detected. Can be used with a wide variety of light fixtures from Lithonia Lighting and others.
CONSTRUCTION — Cast aluminum housing.
OPTICS — Overlapping, multi-segment optical lens designed for outdoor use.
ELECTRICAL — Incandescent switching capacity: 10 amps, 1000 watts.
Fluorescent switching capacity: 500 watts.
HID switching capacity: 300 watts.
LED switching capacity: 1000 watts @ 0.8 or higher driver power factor.
Operates at 120V.
Off-state power is less than 1 watt.
Surge protection up to 6kV.
INSTALLATION — Tool-free adjustable knuckle for quick installation and easy aiming.
Recommended mounting height: 6’ to 12’. (Increased mounting height reduces detection range.)
Time settings: TEST / 1 / 10 minutes.
1/2” threaded nipple for easy installation into standard wet-location junction box covers or fixture conduit entry ports.
SYSTEM FEATURES — Detection zone: 180° forward detection. Downward detection increases zone to 200°.
Detection range: Up to 70’ at 70°F ambient temperature and 6’ to 12’ mounting height. (Increased mounting height reduces detection range.)
Photo control: Deactivates light during daylight.
Temperature compensation: Automatically calibrates sensitivity for varying ambient temperatures.
Manual override: Temporarily disables sensor at wall switch. Turns light on. Automatically deactivates at dawn.
LISTINGS — UL certified to US and Canadian safety standards for wet-location mounting higher than 4 feet off the ground.
WARRANTY — 5-year limited warranty. Complete warranty terms located at www.acuitybrands.com/CustomerResources/Terms_and_conditions.aspx
Actual performance may differ as a result of end-user environment and application.