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Look out for potential pitfalls of knock-off imports

LEDs offer so many improvement opportunities as compared to “traditional” light sources.

The small and simple form factor makes it easy for practically anyone to build an LED fixture. Just purchase LEDs and stick them in a housing.

Buyer beware! Getting the expected performance out of LEDs requires a lot more expertise than that! Knock-off imports, in particular, can present a host of potential pitfalls.

Optics VS Glare

Most common issue with slim

LED slim lights while popular with contractors due to cost focus, not application usage, provide no efficiency in light output.  If a traditional halogen down light is replaced with a LED slim, the end user will get noticeably less light on the floor, we call is useful light.  Rather the light gets thrown in the air and towards walls, we also call this "glare" all of this lighting becomes inefficient which was the opposite of what LED is trying to accomplish in the first place, energy savings, not wasted light.


Color (95 CRI) VS Blue Light (80 CRI)

When did dull and pale become the norm?

The ability of a light to render colours is measured in the colour rendering index, or CRI. The industry has become focused on terms such as "kelvin' 3000K, 4000K and no mention of CRI. As a general rule you want lights with a CRI of 95 + for residential and 80 for commercial, unless your a google type of company and have that wellness atmosphere then 95 CRI would be your go to colour.  One particular area of weakness with 80% of the LED lighting (80 CRI) on the market is the absence of the color red a color linked to health and well being (also known as R9).  Only once a CRI has a value of 95 + then reds become available in the spectrum of colors.

Blue Light

Lets get the facts straight, 80% of the LED's on the market today is in fact blue light.

Research shows blue light suppresses the production of melatonin more than any other type of light, as our body is more sensitive to these shorter wavelengths found in blue light (80 CRI).  LED Lighting that has a higher CRI 95+ filters these blue wavelengths with the infusion of red, this color red has the least power to suppress melatonin levels.

LED Flat Panels

Pretty simple, huh?

Don’t be fooled by the simple exterior. Are you sure about what’s underneath?

Uncontrolled manufacturing processes and inferior materials lower cost but at what price? Visual defects, inconsistent illumination, hot spots, yellowing … and unhappy customers.

High Bays are Great

Until They Go Down

What happens when a high bay or – worse! – several high bays go down in the plant or warehouse? It’s not so easy to get to them because, well, they are awfully high. And they’re generally inconveniently located over equipment or shelving. But not addressing lights out has other costs, like lower productivity and safety issues. And your customers are not happy.

Outdoor Area Lighting

is about More than Lumens

When it comes to outdoor area lighting, lumen output doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s not just about the amount of lumens, it’s how you use them. Bargain area lighting isn’t such a bargain if it produces dark spots (dangerous liability), hot spots (energy waste), or needs to be replaced sooner than planned. That kind of performance makes for unhappy customers.

Surge protection

crucial to long lasting LED life and performance

Due to the sensitive nature of LED lights and majority of todays electronics from smart phones to LED & OLED TV, we need to provide over voltage, over current, surge protection for all of these LED electronics & LED lighting systems.  The most common type of surge protector contains a component called a metal oxide varistor or MOV, which diverts the extra voltage & energy away from the device it is protecting.

Surge protectors reduce the risk of an overloaded outlet which can spark and cause a fire. They are a great way to make your home additionally safer, but they’re no replacement for bad wiring.



The value of a Electrical Distributor

Technical expertise

Selling and buying cheap products is easy, many corner stores sell LED lighting, however selling and buying quality LED products at competitive prices is the art of a electrical distributor.
Electrical contractors don’t always realize how much value electrical distributors can provide them. Often, the only things they consider in their relationships are material availability and price. However, they aren’t the only value that the electrical distributor provides. Electrical distributors provide the firm with access to products, inventory management, logistical support, short-term financing through trade credit, technical expertise and information, training, and much more-

Understanding the LED lighting industry

A knowledge based group that understand the industry including LED lighting, CFL, OLED or whatever the next trends may be

While the availability of "corner store" LED lighting suppliers is greater then ever, these "No name" brands have been closing there doors at a rapid pace leaving customers, contractors no options once those products fail, making replacements and labor more costly then the branded alternates.  These knock off products that invade our Canadian shores fail to include surge protection, claim false information on there packages leaving the market as "the wild west" and consumers truly not knowing or understanding what there even buying into.

Don't be fooled by the simple exterior

Knock off LED can cost much more over time

Knock off imports (LED) are built with uncontrolled manufacturing processes that often result in contamination, which results in inconsistent illumination across the a panel, hot spots and visual defects.


Contractors beware

The risk is real

Real Life Example #1:

Who: Large contractor based on the east coast

What: Installed knock off import LED that failed and the supplier could not financially support the warranty

Cost: $250K to contractor

Real Life Example #2:

Who: Large regional distributor in south

What: Product with a 7 year warranty claim failed and supplier could not support

Cost: 2 x $100K projects & $300K to the electrical distributor

Real Life Example #3:

Who: Knock off import supplier filed for bankruptcy, they estimated 8 million fixtures flooded our markets from this supplier

Cost: $500M is the potential replacement value as the products continue to fail.


Where do we go next?

Tunable White- Enables Circadian Lighting

At its core, cycled light encourages a deeper, biophilic connection to nature – a connection that’s often missing from indoor environments. The Tunable White dynamic feature fosters a sense of passage of time, or circadian rhythm, and enables the creation of scenes and modes that can be aligned with key activities that require occupants be more focused, relaxed or energetic.
Circadian lighting through Tunable White supports sleep/wake cycles and can promote an intellectually stimulating learning environment. It is best used in spaces where occupant experience and performance are important, like schools, classrooms, and campuses to start.
Tunable White is perfect for healthcare, office, corporate interiors, education, retail, hospitality and recreation applications. Tunable White features four ranges: Rhythm, from 2700 K to 6500 K; Productivity, from 3000 K to 5000 K; Layers, from 2000 K to 5000 K; and Atmosphere, from 1800 K to 4300 K.

Distribution Channel VS Retail?

Key differences


The keypad featured with this model is the SSB control which is available to our dealers to be sold with the Spa II, a much superior steam generator compared to the EL models found in retail stores. EL model steamer has a one year only warranty compared to Limited lifetime with spa II.  The Keypad when sold with the EL model may only be used in the shower area. This package does not have any upgrade features,  and is only available with black keypad and standard round chrome steam head(s). The EL model exterior body is painted over galvanized metal. Include stainless steel heating elements vs 304 stainless steel industrial grade heating elements used in the Spa II.
Feature Caseta Smart Bridge Caseta Smart Bridge Pro
Remote Pico Remote Pico Remote
Use with Lutron App Yes Yes
Voice Assistants Alexa, Google Alexa, Google
Technology Lutron Clear Connect RF Lutron Clear Connect RF
Use with Geofencing Yes Yes
Integration with a Security System No Yes
Sivoia QS Triathlon No Yes
Use with Sivoia QS Wireless No Yes
Internet Connection Wi-Fi and Ethernet Wi-Fi and ethernet
System Access Access from anywhere in the world Access from anywhere in the world