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The SYMMETRY series offers a choice of two flame patterns, Amantii’s traditional diffused flame appearance and a new realistic flame style. Ambient canopy lighting illuminates decorative media adding another element of dimension. The slim design allows for versatile applications, inside or outside, including semi-flush mount within 2 x 4 wall and the standardized sizing allows for hassle free installation at any stage of your project.


Included Media – 10 Piece Birch Log Set, charcoal grey real
fireglass, 2 two bags of vermiculite, in black and white
and a remote

Outdoor use: Please refer to SYM installation manual.

  • Can be fully recessed or Semi Flush Mounted within a 2 x 4 wall.
  • SYM-XS surround required for semi flush mount applications
  • WiFi compatible to connect and control the fireplace from your smartphone with the use of our app. Available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store
  • Three flame speed motor
  • Choose from combinations of yellow, orange, and red colored flames
  • Two flame pattern styles – standard and more traditional
  • Flame operates with or without heat
  • Choose from 11 colors of canopy and ember bed lighting to illuminate decorative media from below and above
  • Touch pad for convenient control of features and temperature display on the fireplace
  • Programmable timer & thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of the room. Set your fireplace to turn on before you arrive home or have it automatically turn on when the weather is cold
  • Patented thermostatic remote comes included
What’s New
  • Two flame patterns – choose from Amantii’s standard flame style and a new more traditional flame style
  • Hassle free installation – unit can now be installed at the end of the project with standardized sizing
  • Touch pad controls
  • WiFi compatible to connect and control the fireplace from your smartphone with the use of our app. Available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Installation Options

Option 1:
Can be completely recessed or built-in
Trim is required for the built-in installation, units come with a Black Surround in the box.
Optional decorative color surrounds are available for SYM-34-wifi-3, SYM-42-wifi-3, SYM-50-wifi-3, SYM-60-wifi-3, SYM-74-wifi-3 and SYM-88-wifi-3 Models. (See Optional Surround tab.)

Option 2:
*NEW* Can be semi-flush mounted within a 2 x 4 wall
For a semi-flush mount install, the semi-flush mount surround is required and must be purchased separately.

Optional – Semi-flush Mount Surround

  • This install option requires the Semi-Flush Mount Surround to finish the look of the fireplace.
  • The Semi-Flush Mount Surround has a black finish and has a depth of 2 1/4”
  • The Semi-Flush Mount Surround must be purchased separately. Ships in a separate box.
  • This application is only applicable to the SYMMETRY & SYMMETRY-B models. XT models must be fully recessed.

Hassle Free Installation – Standardized Sizing
The SYMMETRY fireplaces have been made with standardized unit sizing.
Standardized fireplace sizing creates hassle free installation at any stage of the project. This means that the opening for the fireplace can be made at any stage of a build – the appliance can be easily installed and finished with the included surround at the end of a project. The surround beautifully completes the fireplace without the need for detailed or costly finishing.
The Sym-50-Wi-Fi-3 measures Height, Width, Depth: 15-5/8 x 50-1/4 x 5-1/2

Clean Face
NO UNSIGHTLY VENTING – Unlike electric fireplace models made by other manufacturers, SYMMETRY fireplaces are unencumbered by unsightly venting or red glowing heat grills. Venting and grills take away from the aesthetics of a fireplace and the SYMMETRY series have some of the biggest glass viewing areas in the industry. You’ll see more of what is important – a beautiful, warm and comforting flame display.

Hidden venting and no grills.
The heater is located at the top of the SYM-50-Wi-Fi-3 fireplace allowing heat to cascade down in front of the glass.

Flame Colors
electric fireplace flames


Vibrant, multi-colored state of the art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote.

Can all be done separately and mixed to make lots of combinations


The SYM series electric fireplaces come with birch 10 piece media kit, decorative glass media, remote and surround.

electric fireplace accessoreies

Installation Support Center

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APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor Quick shop
APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor
APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor
APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor

APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor


Automatic snow/ice melting control

• Operates electrically- and mechanically- held contactors

for pilot duty applications

• Energy management computer (EMC) interface

• Accommodates MI, constant wattage and self-limiting

Multiple sensor capability

• Heater hold-on and test capabilities


• Simple to install and operate

• Low system costs

• Minimum energy costs

Up to 6 sensors from the CIT–1 product family not included  


The APS–3C Snow Switch when used with compatible sensors

automatically controls snow/ice melting heaters, ensuring minimum operating

costs. Typical applications include pavement, sidewalk, loading dock,

roof, gutter and down spout snow/ice melting. The APS–3C is interchangeable

with earlier APS–3 models.  The adjustable hold-on timer

continues heater operation for up to 10 hours after snow stops to ensure

complete melting. The optional RCU–3 Remote Control Unit can be located

where system operation can be conveniently observed. It duplicates

many of the controls and indicators on the APS–3C front panel. It is used to

clear tracked and drifting snow that may not land on a sensor.

The calibrated 40ÅãF to 90ÅãF (4ÅãC to 32ÅãC) high limit thermostat prevents

excessive temperatures when using constant wattage and MI heaters. It

also permits safe testing at outdoor temperatures too high for continuous

heater operation. The temperature sensor is included.

The APS–3C provides a relay closure interface for use with energy

management computers (EMC).  This feature can also be used for

general purpose remote control and annunciation and other advanced


All sensor and communications wiring is NEC Class 2. This simplifies

installation while enhancing fi re and shock safety. The APS–3C can interface

up to six sensors from the CIT–1 product family. Using more sensors

provides superior performance by better matching the controller to site

performance requirements.  The APS–3C is an exceptionally

capable deicing controller.


SNOW OWL Aerial Snow Sensor replaces the CIT-1 for surface snow and ice management systems.

The SNOW OWL is designed to work with a controller or contactor, optimizing energy usage in heated snow/ice melting applications. The SNOW OWL is also an excellent solution for building automation applications.

During dry or warm weather, the system’s heaters are turned off to save energy costs. The heaters are turned on only when snow and/ or ice is present, and kept on only long enough to ensure complete melting and drying. Temperature and time parameters can be varied within the SNOW OWL, enhancing system performance in a given environment and application.

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Aria Drywall Pro 10" x 30" Quick shop
Aria Drywall Pro 10" x 30"
Aria Drywall Pro 10" x 30"
Aria Drywall Pro 10" x 30"

Aria Drywall Pro 10" x 30"


Designed specifically for wall and ceiling air returns on drywall surfaces. Complete with a drywall bead rim that contours the vent flush into the surface. Install is best done by a Pro.
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Aria Drywall Pro X Quick shop


Aria Drywall Pro X

$175.00 $185.00

Aria Drywall Pro X
Aria Drywall Pro X
Aria Drywall Pro X

Aria Drywall Pro X

$175.00 $185.00

This model has a dual design - it can be used as an exhaust fan cover or as a cold air return. Complete with a drywall bead rim that contours the vent flush into the surface. Install is best done by a Pro. *Compatible with Panasonic Whisper Series.


  • Material - Solid Steel
  • Overall size is 14”x14” *Requires extra 1 ¾” space in ceiling cavity.
  • Compatible Fans
    Panasonic - WhisperCeiling, WhisperFit, WhisperGreen Select.
    *Also compatible with any retrofit fan models that require drywall opening between 8”x8” to 10 ½” x 10 ½”.
  • Note - Some fans may require trimming the mounting flange on the fan. Double check before mounting by dry-fitting fan into Drywall Pro X opening. Test by sliding Drywall Pro X plate in the tabs - if the fan’s flange obstructs the tabs, trim flange as needed.
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Aria Floor Vents Quick shop
Aria Floor Vents
Aria Floor Vents
Aria Floor Vents
Aria Floor Vents
Aria Floor Vents

Aria Floor Vents


Aria OG

The original “OG” is a simple way to give an old vent a fresh modern look. Drop-in install is DIY-friendly and can be installed at any time.

Aria Lite (big box store) vs Aria OG (distribution channel)?

The Aria Lites products which are made out of ABS plastic and a more cost conscious model. The Aria OG feature metal, are more premium, product line. 

Flushmount Pro

The ultra minimal air register, flush with no rim. Once installed, all you see is a single rectangular air channel. Install is best done by a Pro and must be mounted prior to surface install.

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Ultra-minimal, flush drywall vent. Equipped with a drywall bead that contours seamlessly into the surface. Once installed, only a rectangular air channel is visible. This model comes in supply vent and larger air return sizes. Install is best done by a Pro.

*Vent must be mounted prior to surface material install.
*Consult your HVAC specialist to ensure Aria is right for your system.
🇨🇦 100% Manufactured in Canada.
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Baby Pro Range Hood Quick shop


Baby Pro Range Hood

$476.00 $499.00

Baby Pro Range Hood
Baby Pro Range Hood
Baby Pro Range Hood

Baby Pro Range Hood

$476.00 $499.00

  • 380 CFM 
  • Noise level: low speed 0.6 to hi 8.0 sones
  • 3-speed controls
  • 2 GU-10-50W halogen bulbs (incl.)
  • 5-layer aluminum filter (incl.) – dishwasher-friendly
  • Rear or top vent (rectangular)
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Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V Quick shop
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V
Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V

Cable Floor Heating System 120V & 240V


Floor heating system that allows contractors to instantly make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any room including those with curves and angles. Cable can be also used to heat wet areas such as shower beds and benches or saunas.

Sleek and stylish design
with an intuitive touch menu navigation

The Touch thermostat, comes with a large 3.5" colour touchscreen. The intuitive touch menu navigation makes programming of the heating schedule convenient, and it gives end-users easy  access to adjusting and monitoring their home heating system.

Easy scheduling and adaptive control ensure comfort temperature is set at the required time.

The thermostat has 5-year battery backup of clock and calendar so settings are still in place after power interruptions.

  • 3.5” colour touch display

  • User-friendly interface available in non wifi and wifi 

  • Energy monitoring (patent pending)

  • Compatible with existing floor sensors

Benefits: Keeping Your Feet Warm: Why Warm Feet Are Good for Mind and Body

Our feet play a vital role in regulating our body temperature. Like our hands, they have a large surface area and lots of blood vessels. These can open up to let more blood flow, which allows heat to flow out of them.

They’re also at the end of our limbs (that’s why they’re sometimes called ‘extremities’) and they have less heat-producing muscle, which also makes them prone to cooling down. If they get too cold, our pain receptors are triggered and we feel discomfort – unless we can put on some really toasty socks or a warmed floor!.

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Din Rail Quick shop


Din Rail


Din Rail

Din Rail


6' Length


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Do-It-Yourself Liner Sauna Kits

Our Sauna Liner kits are equipped with everything you need to finish a
true authentic sauna room, traditional or infrared. No matter what the size, specification, or style, the common denominator of every SaunacoreTM Sauna Liner Kit is superior design ideas, craftsmanship, personal service, and product quality.

We have an industry-wide reputation for offering the best value — in materials, construction, service, and every detail in between. SaunacoreTM Liner kit systems allow you unlimited choices in materials and design, that make it easy for the general hobby wood worker to install.


Deluxe Kits with SSB Music & Control :

1” x 4” V-joint T&G, clear select vertical grain kiln dried Western Red Cedar, up to 11/16” thick, pre-sanded

Ceiling max. height of 7’0” / Minimum 250 sq.ft. foiled vapor barrier

2” x 4” clear Western Red Cedar, pre-sanded, for two level straight benches, bracing and bench supports.

Special Edition Residential stove, with SSB controls, music and LED color, (wattage selected according to sauna size), and stones.

Clear cedar for stove guard.

Insulated door with two bronze tempered glass windows, 6” x 24" each, roll catch, hinges, cedar door handles, cedar casing, cedar frame and cedar door stop.

Cedar slats and bracing for walking area of sauna room.
Cedar louver for vent. / Panelling may be vertical or horizontal. For saunas under 5' deep (only one bench)
Kits with KW 12 and up – Standard Commercial Stove included.

Sizing & Selection

Measure the length, width and height (in feet) of the sauna. Multiply the three measurements together to get the basic room volume in cubic feet.
Sauna room suggested height to be maximum 7ft.


Divide the CUBIC FOOTAGE BY 50 = Kilowatts Required

Amperage based on 240V 1 Phase:

4KW = 16.7 amps

6KW = 25 amps

7.5KW = 31.3 amps

9KW = 37.5 amps

10.5KW = 43.8 amps

(GFCI not required) 


What is a Dry Sauna?

Saunas have been used for centuries around the world, and today they are more popular than ever.

Sweating, as a form of therapy, goes back several thousand years in cultures from the Middle East to China to Central America.

In Finland, sauna use is still quite extensive, with one-third of Finns using one are a regular basis.

A sauna is any room where people sit and relax in dry, heated air.

When you are inside a sauna, your body tries to cool itself by sweating, which releases toxins and wastes stored in your body through the pores of your skin.

A traditional Finnish sauna uses dry heat with a relative humidity of around 20 percent or less.

People from other cultures or geographic regions may consider a sauna to require higher levels of moisture.

Saunas can reach temperatures upwards of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which can raise your skin’s temperature around 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

A dry sauna, which is what most people think of when they think of this type of therapeutic room, is made from softwoods that can withstand excessive heat.

Saunas are generally constructed using untreated, unfinished wood because varnishes, paints, and other types of finishes can become toxic in the high temperatures of the sauna.

A typical multi-person sauna has a bench that runs along the perimeter of the room as well as an upper-level seat.

This allows people to sit closer to the ceiling, where the air is hotter, or down lower to cool off.

Dry saunas use some type of heat source to heat the air inside the room as well as a small group of volcanic rock that usually sit directly atop the heater.

The stones become super-heated by the stove or furnace, and when you want to raise the humidity in the sauna, you can ladle water over the rocks, which instantly vaporizes the liquid and releases steam.

To enjoy an authentic dry sauna experience, you would use as little steam as possible to remain comfortable while inside the sauna.

Dry saunas can be heated by many different types of sources, including electric, gas-burning, and wood-burning heaters.

Each has its own benefits and releases consistent heat. Modern sauna heaters are easily controlled and offer vital safety features.


Dry Sauna Benefits

Sitting in a sauna has many benefits for your health.

Researchers and scientists from around the world have investigated the effects of sauna for several decades, and we now have longitudinal data to show its long-term effects, as well.

Below, we illustrate the proven benefits of using a dry sauna regularly.


Dry Sauna Increases Longevity

Sitting in a sauna and exposing your body to elevated temperatures causes the production of heat shock proteins or HSP.

These proteins have been linked to longevity, as they promote the repair and recycling of damaged cells.

HSP also helps to regulate your levels of certain antioxidants, like glutathione, which protects your cells from damage, such as from aging (1).

These mechanisms can help you live longer by allowing your cells to resist disease and deterioration.

The high heat of a sauna also activates a specific gene which is connected to longevity and aging.

The FOXO3 gene activates or suppresses other genes in your body which are responsible for cell metabolism, cell death, stress resistance, and other processes that keep your cells in a healthy state (2).

By exposing your body to heat in a sauna, you are helping to trigger both the FOXO3 gene and the production of HSP, which means your cells can stay healthier longer.

To illustrate this effect, a 20-year study of Finnish men who use sauna bathing regularly, researchers have discovered that, the more you use a sauna, the less likely you are to die.

Using a sauna two to three times per week can decrease your risk of death from cardiovascular events and other causes of death by as much as 24 percent.

Using a sauna four to seven times per week lowers your risk of death to 40 percent (3).


Dry Saunas Improve Your Heart Health

When you use a dry sauna, you are improving your health by helping your heart in several crucial ways.

The heat from a dry sauna promotes improved blood flow while also reducing blood pressure over time, and both are essential indicators of heart health.

The high temperatures of the sauna release the antioxidants that also help fight oxidative stress, which is a leading contributor to heart disease (4).

In a Finnish study of the effects of sauna use on heart health, researchers found that two to three dry sauna sessions per week reduce the risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 23 percent and from cardiovascular disease by 27 percent.

This same study noted that increase your dry sauna session to four to seven times per week nearly doubled your survival rates to 40 percent for coronary heart diseases and 50 percent for cardiovascular disease (5).

Those with existing high blood pressure could see a significant drop on this when using a sauna regularly.

Hypertension is reduced by up to 50 percent when sauna users had four to seven sessions per week (6).


Dry Saunas Reduce Inflammation and Pain

Using a dry sauna could help treat several conditions that are caused by excess inflammation that results in pain.

Heat shock proteins are an anti-inflammatory protein, so when you release these by using a dry sauna, you are helping to reduce the body’s natural inflammatory response that can cause everything from headaches to chronic pain (7, 8).

Heat therapy, like using a sauna, also raises your antioxidant level, which helps reduce oxidative stress, a leading cause of inflammation (9).


Dry Saunas Help to Detoxify the Body

Every day, your body is exposed to chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins that are now found everywhere in our water, food, and personal care items (10).

It is nearly impossible to escape toxins in our daily lives, and even those who are extremely health-conscious may be surprised to learn how many of these pollutants are in their bodies.

Using a dry sauna can help you release many of these types of toxins effectively.

One of the reasons to use a dry sauna regularly is because “sweat bathing,” as it is sometimes called, encourages you to sweat, which is one of the ways your body excretes wastes and pollutants from your system.

Sitting in a dry sauna and sweating helps to flush a wide range of toxins from your body, including heavy metals that find their way into your system (11).

Sweating is more effective than other excretory processes at ridding your body of heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium, some of the most common heavy metal pollutants in our bodies today (12).

Most people do not sweat very much in their daily lives anymore, as we mostly live a climate-controlled existence.

That means you are not using this crucial excretory pathway to its full advantage, but a sauna can change that.


Dry Saunas Boost Mitochondrial Health

Within every cell of your body, you have mitochondria, which are organelles that provide all the energy that each cell will need for its lifespan.

When mitochondria are not functioning correctly, your cell’s energy stores become depleted, and it stops working correctly (13).

Healthy mitochondria are the key to overall health and longevity, as without it, your cells will not work well.

Damaged, malfunctioning, or depleted mitochondria are the precursor to disease, illness, and injury.

Heat stress, such as what your body experiences when you sit in a dry sauna, has a positive influence on mitochondria health (14).

This process makes your mitochondria bigger and healthier, triggers the repair and recycling of damaged mitochondria, and provides protection to your mitochondria against oxidative stress.

When your mitochondria are more fit and energetic, your body will be, too.

Healthy mitochondria, then, are the key to slowing the aging process and fighting disease.


Dry Sauna Use Promotes Weight Loss

When you use a sauna regularly, it can help to regulate your appetite (15), which can play a role in weight loss.

Heat stress from using a dry sauna also boosts your metabolism and your uptake of oxygen to levels similar to those during moderate exercise (16).

Those regularly using a dry sauna lost twice as much weight and five times more body fat than those who did not use a sauna (17).


Dry Saunas Promote Muscle Strength and Athletic Performance

When you spend time in a dry sauna, your production of human growth hormone (HGH) increases.

And the more often you try sauna bathing, the higher levels you will have of this hormone (18), which is responsible for helping you grow strong muscles and resist muscle breakdown.

HGH increases your production of insulin-like growth factor 1, also known as IGF1, while also boosting your cells’ insulin sensitivity (19).

These factors combine to allow for the improved absorption of amino acids, enhances protein synthesis, and a lower protein breakdown within each cell.

These factors combine to enable you to maintain your muscle strength better and to recover more quickly after a workout, leading to less pain and inflammation (20).

By increasing blood flow and improving your volume of red blood cells and plasma, you can also boost your athletic performance with regular dry sauna bathing.

You can enjoy longer workouts before reaching exhaustion (21) when your body is used to high temperatures from sauna use.

This process, known as hyperthermic conditioning, improves your ability to regulate your body temperature (22).


Dry Saunas Boost Brain Power and Improve Mood

When you sit in a sauna, your body produces brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which trigger the production of new neurons while maintaining the health of existing ones.

BDNF plays a role in forming new neural connections, which can enhance memory and learning (23).

Sauna bathing also helps to release endorphins, which are feel-good neurotransmitters that can enhance your mood and help you cope better with stress (24).

Sauna bathing promotes relaxation, which can help you feel more able to cope with psychological difficulties, as well (25).


Using a Dry Sauna Boosts Your Immune System

The heat stress of using a dry sauna raises the internal body temperature, which is similar to the effects of a fever.

This helps strengthen how your immune system responds to any threat, giving you improved ability to fight infection and disease (26).

Those who use saunas regularly suffer from fewer common infections, like colds (27).


Dry Saunas Help You Fight Disease

When you use a sauna regularly, you increase your levels of HSP and activate your FOXO3 gene, and these play a significant role in staving off many diseases and disorders, including degeneration in the brain.

For example, HSP and FOXO3 play a role in repairing tau proteins in your brain that can get misfolded as you age.

This twisting of these proteins is what leads to dementia and other forms of neurodegeneration, and researchers have found that those who use a sauna regularly can reduce their risk of developing these types of diseases by as much as 64 percent (28).

Sauna bathing also decreases your risk of developing respiratory illnesses (29) by reducing congestion and improving lung function.

By helping promote cell death, sauna use can also help prevent many other diseases, including cancer (30).

Cancer cells are not able to adapt to high -heat conditions, unlike healthy cells, so they are quicker to be destroyed by hyperthermic conditioning (31).

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Dryer Relay Quick shop
Dryer Relay
Air force

Dryer Relay


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DS2C Control/Sensor Quick shop
DS2C Control/Sensor

DS2C Control/Sensor


it can be used as a stand alone controller or as a sensor for larger systems. It regulates cable operation in driveways, sidewalks, and ramps. • Housed in a weatherproof enclosure • Senses both moisture and temperatures • Adjustable temperature trigger point • Expanded 30-90 min. & 2-6 hr. delay off drying time • Manual override capable • Selectable low temperature cutoff with unique Recover module • Super bright front panel power/activation LED indicator • Remote control and monitor capabilities • Easy to install • Two year warranty
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Element Quick shop







Entry level non programable floor hearing stat. 

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Floor Heating Accesories Quick shop
Floor Heating Accesories
Floor Heating Accesories
Floor Heating Accesories
Floor Heating Accesories
Floor Heating Accesories
Floor Heating Accesories

Floor Heating Accesories


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Flush Mounted Heaters Quick shop
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters
Flush Mounted Heaters

Flush Mounted Heaters


WD-Series features include minimal clearance requirements, recessed mounting options, short standoffs and mounting heights between 7-12 feet.

Our low profile heaters are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, and offer a pleasing, streamlined look due to low clearance requirements. Infratech heaters may be flush mounted into a non-sloped ceiling using our optional flush mount frame, or may be mounted to a wall, ceiling, or pole mounted.




The Innova electrical control cabinet makes managing your comfort zone easier. It helps control multiple heaters and furthermore, creates varied heat zones throughout your space. This control cabinet is a highly recommended addition for commercial spaces like restaurant patios where customers have individual heat preferences. Modify each area with precise temperature conditions that are easily accessible and achievable with this control cabinet.



A single duplex switch would allow you to control both the elements of your heater and optimize the heat that it emits. If you have two heaters installed, a dual duplex will help you control both of the heaters and their elements separately. They work best in indoor settings or protected outdoor areas.

Smart Zone - What are the benefits?

  • Lutron
  • Control 4
Available in 1 Zone and 4 Zones.
WD-3024 33" 3,000W 12.5AMPS
WD-4024 39" 4,000W 16.7AMPS
WD-5024 39" 5,000W 20.8AMPS
WD-6024 61.25” 6,000W 25AMPS



The flush mount option from Innova Heating Co. is a fan favorite for interior designers, architects and engineers for a seamless and stylish look for any space.

Convert any of our heaters into a recessed heater for the added architectural appeal and minimalistic look!

Lutron Integration

In order to connect the Lutron Caseta or Radio Ra 3, you’ll need the GRXTVI interface that will convert the Caseta or Radio Ra to 0-10V.


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Home Thermostat Quick shop
Home Thermostat

Home Thermostat


The Nuheat HOME is a high resolution color touchscreen thermostat that allows easy control and programming of any electric floor heating system.

Screen – 3.5”, 320×480 pixel color touchscreen

  • Programmable – 7-day programmability
  • Energy Usage – View hourly, weekly and monthly usage
  • Universally Compatible – Compatible with any electric floor heating system using a 10K Ω sensor
  • Easy to Use – Set-up wizard and test mode to ensure proper installation
  • Flooring – Suitable for tile and stone with a temperature limiting (82°F) feature for laminate and engineered wood floors
  • Custom Preferences – Set custom preferences ranging from languages (Eng/Fre/Spa), 12 or 24 hour clock, C° or F°, to screen brightness
  • Design Element – High gloss white frame and front overlay
  • Built-in Class A GFCI
  • Warranty – 3-year manufacturer’s warranty*
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Infrared Heater With Remote Control Quick shop
Infrared Heater With Remote Control
Infrared Heater With Remote Control
Infrared Heater With Remote Control
Infrared Heater With Remote Control
Infrared Heater With Remote Control
Infrared Heater With Remote Control
Infrared Heater With Remote Control
Infrared Heater With Remote Control

Infrared Heater With Remote Control


At a Glance

  • Digital Thermostat

  • Electric

  • Adjustable Thermostat

  • Remote Included

  • Wall Mounted

  • Installation Required

  • Automatic Shutoff

  • Energy Efficient


  • Ip34 water dust protection
  • Tipping safety switch
  • 3D Heating Technology 
  • Fast Heating
  • Wall connection apparatus
  • Carbon Filament 5 Times More Durable Rapid Heating
  • Wall connection apparatus

Product Details 120V

  • Power Source: Electric 110 V
  • BTU Output: 5100 BTU
  • Wattage: 1500 Watt 120V 
  • Remote Included: Yes
  • Dimensions

    • Inc(7X31X3.5)


    • Net 5.7 Lbs  Gross 8.8 Lbs 

Product Details 240V

  • BtuH Output10,236
  • Number of Lamps1
  • 3000W
  • 240V
  • Length44-1/8"
  • Beam Pattern90 Degrees
  • Housing MaterialAluminum
  • Amps @ 1 Phase14.4
  • Height7-1/2"
  • Width3-1/2"

Safety Features

  • Auto Shut Off: Yes
  • Tip-Over Switch: Yes

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    Insert Range Hood Modern Quick shop
    Insert Range Hood Modern
    Insert Range Hood Modern
    Insert Range Hood Modern
    Insert Range Hood Modern
    Vaughan Electrical Supply

    Insert Range Hood Modern

    $999.00 $1,299.00

    A stunning new option in luxury insert ventilation

    The Inca Lux 30 by Faber features a sleek stainless panel which hides the grease filters behind it and reduces noise. With an advanced Perimetric filter system, VAM technology, electronic controls, and an optional remote control , the Inca Lux packs a lot of features in small body that fits into 12″ deep cabinets.

    • VAM Technology – set to 295, 395, 600 CFM
    • 4 speed electronic control
    • LED lights – 1 level
    • 15 minute delay auto shut off
    • Convertible to Ductless
    • 28"

    Cut out: 26-9/16"

    Overall: 27-9/16"

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    Intelli-Balance 100 Balanced Air Solution, Cold Climate ERV, 50 to 100 CFM Quick shop
    Intelli-Balance 100 Balanced Air Solution, Cold Climate ERV, 50 to 100 CFM

    Intelli-Balance 100 Balanced Air Solution, Cold Climate ERV, 50 to 100 CFM


    Intelli-Balance™ 100 is ideal for single family homes and multi-family units. It is a customizable, high performance, high efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that’s designed to help you meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements. This unique and cost effective Cold Climate ERV was engineered for total versatility and installation flexibility, in a cold climate zone. Now with Boost function, which can move the fan speed to high when activated. 

    • New! Occupant controllable Boost function. Moves fan speed to high when activated.
    • Pick-A-Flow selector (50 to 100) CFM provides customizable airflow to create balanced, positive, or negative pressure within the home
    • Exclusive built-in ASHRAE 62.2 timing function helps ensure code compliance
    • MERV 8 filter included; optional MERV 8 and MERV 13 replacements available
    • Engineered for use in any North America Climate Zone
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    Intelli-Balance 200 Cold Climate Quick shop
    Intelli-Balance 200 Cold Climate
    Intelli-Balance 200 Cold Climate
    Intelli-Balance 200 Cold Climate

    Intelli-Balance 200 Cold Climate

    $2,500.00 $2,900.00


    Energy recovery ventilator with two (2) ECM motors and built-in SmartFlow™ technology.


    • Two (2) powerful ECM motors with Smart Flow™ technology ensure predictable airflow
    • Occupant controllable Boost function provides increased ventilation on demand
    • Designed for single family dwellings and new airtight envelopes built to meet energy efficiency standards
    • MERV 13 filter included for superior air filtration; MERV 13, MERV 8 and HEPA filter replacements available.
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