100A Panel Package Promo with Surge Protection
100A Panel Package Promo with Surge Protection
100A Panel Package Promo with Surge Protection

100A Panel Package Promo with Surge Protection

CPM130 Panel Package 

This package features a 100 amp, 30 circuit Eaton panel with 20 breakers (10-BR115, 3-BR220, 1-BR240) 8- Arc Faults and 1-BR230 SURGE PROTECTOR

The surge breaker is designed to provide complete home surge protection for sensitive electronics and appliances from the damaging effects of surges. This 2-pole surge breaker takes 2 spots in the panel and protects a complete home.

Despite the following statistics, surge protection is one of the most overlooked safeguards....when installing a panel for your home or office.

An estimated $250 to $500 million dollars refrigerators with touchscreens, computerized per year is lost from property damage caused washers, dryers, ranges and HVAC equipment, yet by severe weather, lightning, electrostatic discharge, let them operate largely unprotected from surge. switching of inductive or capacitive loads and
internal/external switching transients.*

  • Approximately 60 to 80% of all transient voltage surges are generated from inside a home or building; Only 35% of transient voltage surges stem from
    an outside source.**

  • Analysts estimate U.S. consumers spend billions annually on “smart” home appliances,

• 84% of homeowners feel power strips provide adequate protection for computers, HD TVs and other electronic components. Only 20% of these same homeowners understand that these strips degrade over time, rendering them inadequate for surge protection.***