Smart Hub 150

Smart Hub 150

Introducing the latest and smartest landscape transformer from in-lite. 


Innovation is part of our DNA. With the SMART HUB-150, we’re introducing a revolutionary new way to control your

in-lite outdoor lighting using the in-lite app. Want to know how it works? Watch the video.

in-lite app

The SMART HUB-150 offers the ultimate in user-friendliness. You can easily control your lighting using the in-lite app

on your smartphone or tablet. See how the app works here.


cables and zones

The SMART HUB-150 has three cable outlets that let you create different zones in your yard. For example, one zone for your driveway,

one for your backyard and one for an overhang. Watch the video to see all the possibilities.


Key features:

150 Watts

3 Zones 

Up to 250’ per zone 

Combined the zones carries up to 150W, therefore Zone 1 can be 100 Watts, Zone 2 can be 20 Watts & Zone 3 would be 30 Watts. 

App based

Bluetooth based with mesh network capability, ie linking 3 transformers on one app. 

Create schedules 

Astronomic time clock for accurate schedules and on/ off capabilities for your location.