12” LED retrofit

12” LED retrofit

Key Features:


4000 Lumens 

Retro fit 12" HID Fixtures

One fixture converts nearly any manufacturers incandescent, CFL or H.I.D. fixtures with a rough-in inner diameter of 11-3/4 ̋ to 12-3/4 ̋ diameter to high efficiency LED
All installation can be performed from below the ceiling with out removing existing fixture
Energy savings up to 50-60% vs. CFL and HID
Superior-quality white LED light output using Chip on Board technology
Patented Hyperbolic Reflector (U.S. Patent No. 10,670,227 B2)
Low UGR: UGR of zero for fixtures aimed at nadir with a cut-off equal to or less than 60deg per CIE 117-1995 Discomfort Glare in Interior Lighting.

Hyperbolic: Patented hyperbolic shape (U.S. Patent No. 10,670,227 B2) optimized
for small, directional LED source, maximizes fixture efficiency while creating the “Silent Ceiling” appearance by reducing lamp image and aperture brightness • Geometry of hyperbolic curve provides unique aperture appearance and smoother light distribution

Parabolic/Lens: Computer-optimized parabolic reflector with frosted convexed lens
regressed into cone provides uniform distribution with no striations
Overlap Ring: All fixtures include a white painted overlap ring to conceal the housing from below the ceiling. The ring will extend past the trim flange. For additional ring color options, consult factory.
LED Light Engine: Compact light source delivers uniform illumination without
pixilation, enabling excellent beam control • 2SDCM (5000K within 3SDCM) • 80, 90
& 97 CRI • Replaceable light engine with push in wire connections mounts directly to
heat sink and is easily replaceable
Passive Cooling: Aluminum heat sink integrated directly with housing provides
superior thermal management to ensure the long life of LED
LED Driver: Power factor >0.9 • Easily replaceable from above or below the ceiling
Dimming: Dimmable via 0-10V protocol standard • Optional drivers available for use
with Lutron EcoSystem, 2-wire dimmers DMXR, or DALI • For a list of compatible
dimmers, see LED-DIM.
Life: Rated for 60,000 hours at 70% lumen maintenance