Flux Stream Led Strip

Flux Stream Led Strip

Philips FluxStream 4' LED Linear is a new, high performing luminaire delivering smooth diffuse light ideal for light industrial, commercial, and residential applications with the unparalleled energy efficiency of Philips LED light engines.

A versatile product family that can be specified in a great range of lighting applications

The FluxStream LED family has multiple reflector/shielding options and is easily adapted for continuous row installations. It is applicable to virtually any linear lighting application from commercial, warehouse and industrial facilities to office, municipal and retail environments.

Provides uncompromised lighting performance versus fluorescent alternatives

FluxStream LED achieves similar light levels to fluorescent strips while using up to 33% less energy. A carefully designed thermal system and stringent LED testing ensures that FluxStream LED delivers consistency not only from luminaire to luminaire but also over the lifetime of each fixture.

Delivers reliable performance, even in cold conditions

FluxStream LED luminaires deliver consistent light from -20oC to +25oC (+30oC suspended).

4'= 4000 lumens

8'= 8000 lumens