ExpertColor 97CRI MR16
ExpertColor 97CRI MR16
ExpertColor 97CRI MR16

ExpertColor 97CRI MR16

Philips ExpertColor technology is designed to create a cozy and comfortable ambience, thanks to its customized spectrum, high CRI, and deep dimming feature. But it’s not just about great light quality. The innovative, trimless lens design will also suit any interior decor with its clean and neat look. So you can create the perfect ambience everywhere from residential homes, to guest rooms, hotels and restaurants.

Warm, comfortable light color

ExpertColor replicates a true halogen light color to create the most comfortable light for guests. It emphasizes the texture and colors of furnishings, floors and fabrics. So you can make rooms and spaces even more luxurious and attractive.

Dim to the right light level

ExpertColor offers a wide range of light levels from 100% to below 5%, enabling you to set precisely the right light levels. And should you have any compatibility problems with dimmers, we have DimSure solution to solve it.

Efficient and sustainable

MASTER LED MR16 ExpertColor is a hassle-free, retrofit solution. It fits most of luminaires to make re-lamping and renovation projects as easy as possible. And with a long lifetime and high lumen maintenance, it improves operational efficiency and sustainability.


The ExpertColor technology offers superb light quality with best-in-class color realization. The advanced phospor technology provides high
color fidelity with a
color rendering index of 97, enhanced rendering of reds (R9 >85) and perfect color saturation (GAI up to 100). So you can bring out the true colors in furnishings and interior decors to add even more appeal.