Steamcore Spa II Steambath

Steamcore Spa II Steambath

From its beginning, Steamcore has been entirely devoted to redefining the steam bathing experience. It supplies the powerful soothing steam which could be found in large commercial steam generators, provides precision made design and advance engineering that makes the smallest detail into
a work of art. The Steamcore Spa II Series is a unique fusion of power, elegance that pushes the boundaries of a steam bathing experience.

Features of the Spa II Series

• Stainless Steel boiler tank.

• Industrial Stainless heating elements.

• Factory installed Automatic Flush.

• Spa II Steam heads with aroma oil reservoir.

• Steam room temperature sensor. • Stainless steel exterior body.
• Serviceable heating elements.
• Super quiet operation.

• Fresh water after every use.

• 3 level water sensing operation of boiler tank.

• State-of-the-art electronic steamer operations circuit board.

• 5 year limited warranty.

• Compact design.

• Minimal water usage for steam.

• ASME Pressure release valves.


• quick and continuous steam.

• SSII control is for “in-shower” use only. (Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel and Brushed Nickel finish)(optional)

• Low Voltage Operation.

• Shielded control cable.

• Timer, temperature, mood light control and pause feature. (SSI and SSII)

• SSI control (in/out use) chrome only