APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor Quick shop
APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor
APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor
APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor

APS3C 120V Controller & Snow Sensor


Automatic snow/ice melting control

• Operates electrically- and mechanically- held contactors

for pilot duty applications

• Energy management computer (EMC) interface

• Accommodates MI, constant wattage and self-limiting

Multiple sensor capability

• Heater hold-on and test capabilities


• Simple to install and operate

• Low system costs

• Minimum energy costs

Up to 6 sensors from the CIT–1 product family not included  


The APS–3C Snow Switch when used with compatible sensors

automatically controls snow/ice melting heaters, ensuring minimum operating

costs. Typical applications include pavement, sidewalk, loading dock,

roof, gutter and down spout snow/ice melting. The APS–3C is interchangeable

with earlier APS–3 models.  The adjustable hold-on timer

continues heater operation for up to 10 hours after snow stops to ensure

complete melting. The optional RCU–3 Remote Control Unit can be located

where system operation can be conveniently observed. It duplicates

many of the controls and indicators on the APS–3C front panel. It is used to

clear tracked and drifting snow that may not land on a sensor.

The calibrated 40ÅãF to 90ÅãF (4ÅãC to 32ÅãC) high limit thermostat prevents

excessive temperatures when using constant wattage and MI heaters. It

also permits safe testing at outdoor temperatures too high for continuous

heater operation. The temperature sensor is included.

The APS–3C provides a relay closure interface for use with energy

management computers (EMC).  This feature can also be used for

general purpose remote control and annunciation and other advanced


All sensor and communications wiring is NEC Class 2. This simplifies

installation while enhancing fi re and shock safety. The APS–3C can interface

up to six sensors from the CIT–1 product family. Using more sensors

provides superior performance by better matching the controller to site

performance requirements.  The APS–3C is an exceptionally

capable deicing controller.


SNOW OWL Aerial Snow Sensor replaces the CIT-1 for surface snow and ice management systems.

The SNOW OWL is designed to work with a controller or contactor, optimizing energy usage in heated snow/ice melting applications. The SNOW OWL is also an excellent solution for building automation applications.

During dry or warm weather, the system’s heaters are turned off to save energy costs. The heaters are turned on only when snow and/ or ice is present, and kept on only long enough to ensure complete melting and drying. Temperature and time parameters can be varied within the SNOW OWL, enhancing system performance in a given environment and application.

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DS2C Control/Sensor Quick shop
DS2C Control/Sensor

DS2C Control/Sensor


it can be used as a stand alone controller or as a sensor for larger systems. It regulates cable operation in driveways, sidewalks, and ramps. • Housed in a weatherproof enclosure • Senses both moisture and temperatures • Adjustable temperature trigger point • Expanded 30-90 min. & 2-6 hr. delay off drying time • Manual override capable • Selectable low temperature cutoff with unique Recover module • Super bright front panel power/activation LED indicator • Remote control and monitor capabilities • Easy to install • Two year warranty
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Quick shop

King City Snow Melt



This quote is based on the following submitted information:

  • Residential snow melting application
  • (2) Zones

The customer has requested that we provide options for each zone as broken out below:

    • Zone 1
      • 132 sqft area
        • Area has (1) center drain
    • Zone 2
      • 55 sqft area
        • Area has (1) center drain
  • Concrete
    • Single pour installation – cables to be zip-tied to metal mesh; mesh to be provided by a 3rd party.
  • 240V 1P
    • GFI breakers to be provided by a 3rd party.


Please advise TRM if any of the above information is inaccurate or changes, as we will need to review and update the quote accordingly.


TRM to supply Vaughan Electric with the following materials:


Zone 1 – 132 sqft area

(1) TRM-SM-4950W-240 Heating Cables

  • This heating cable will:
    • Draw 20.6 Amps on 240V 1P*
    • Output 35W/sqft or more @ 4.8” spacing

(1) SMCS – Snow melt caution sign

(1) bag of zip ties


Zone 2 – 55 sqft area

(1) TRM-SM-1950W-240 Heating Cables

  • This heating cable will:
    • Draw 8.1 Amps on 240V 1P*
    • Output 35W/sqft or more @ 5” spacing

(1) SMCS – Snow melt caution sign

(1) bag of zip ties


Control package & Shop Drawing:

(1) DS-2C Control with built-in snow sensor

  • Pilot Duty Control – External Contactors and GFI breakers required, to be provided by a 3rd party.

(1) CDP-2 Remote display unit

(1) TRM-Stat-ADJ-115-7 Mechanical thermostat with a 7’ sensor lead – to be used as a slab high limit temperature sensor

(1) Set of Drawings


All shipping additional and would be billed to Vaughan Electric or Vaughan Electric can arrange for pick up at our warehouse located at 175 Idema Road in Markham.


Optional Adder (Subject to additional charges):

  • Angle Irons - $19.75 each + HST



  • Please review all attachments to confirm the quoted materials are appropriate prior to proceeding with an order.
  • This is the amount that TRM needs to make for the supply only of these products
  • Quotation valid until the end of October 2022
  • All pricing is Subject to HST
  • TRM snow melt designs are based on ASHRAE standards for the installation area.
  • Please provide Distributor Courier Account when submitting PO
  • TRM’s quotation does not include any site support, or installation work.
  • TRM’s quotation does not include any electrical distribution equipment or permits, it is the responsibility of the EC or GC to provide;  All power feeds, control wiring, breaker panels, GFI breakers, external contactors, junction boxes, etc. to be paid for, supplied, and installed, by EC.  None of this equipment is included in TRM’s quotation.
  • All adders are subject to additional cost.
  • VERY IMPORTANT - RMA terms and conditions:


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Self Regulating Plug In Heating Cable 120V Quick shop
Self Regulating Plug In Heating Cable 120V

Self Regulating Plug In Heating Cable 120V



Polymeric Freeze Protection Heating Cables are easy to install, reliable, and low-maintenance, making them ideal for residential free air applications like pipe tracing or roof and gutter de-icing. Pre-Terminated Polymeric Heating Cables come fully assembled from our factory in various heated lengths, with a 2’ cold lead and plug to transition from the heated area to your 120V receptacle.

These cables are engineered in a constant wattage/series-resistant design and include a built-in thermal disk that helps ensure the cable is on when cold and turns itself off when the pipe is warm enough not to freeze. This reduces energy costs and eliminates the need for external thermostat control. Further, the fixed wattage output means you will maintain consistent temperature across the entire pipe.

Preterminated SR cable, with cold lead, and 120V plug
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Self-Regulating (SR) Heating Cables Quick shop
Self-Regulating (SR) Heating Cables
Self-Regulating (SR) Heating Cables
Self-Regulating (SR) Heating Cables

Self-Regulating (SR) Heating Cables


Self-Regulating (SR) Heating Cables are safe, flexible and easy to install in a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications where the heating cables need to be exposed to free air, rather than being embedded in a medium.

Self-regulating technology allows each of these heating cables to adjust its wattage (heat) output based on the temperature and environment to which the cable is exposed. In cold conditions, it generates more wattage (heat). In warmer conditions, the output is reduced and, thereby, saves energy.

This technology also helps make it one of the safest heating cables on the market, as well as the industry standard for most roof and pipe tracing applications. If it encounters a warm surface or is exposed to a warm ambient environment, the cable will automatically adjust its wattage output and avoid overheating in any one location. They can also be cut, field-terminated, and crossed over themselves.

These cables are ideal for:
  • Freeze protection pipe tracing
  • Process maintenance pipe and vessel tracing
  • Heat loss replacement
  • Roof and gutter de-icing
  • Frost heave prevention
  • In-pipe heat tracing of potable water lines
  • Hot water temperature maintenance

Self-Regulating Heating Cables are available in bulk coils with termination accessories. However, you can also choose from our standard catalogue of pre-assembled SR cable kits that include a factory-made end seal and pre-made termination point. These have a 6′ cold lead and directly plugged into a 120V outlet.


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