Flat Downlight
Flat Downlight
Flat Downlight

Flat Downlight

Philips Lightolier LED flat downlight provides an cost effective, easy and quick downlight solution without the traditional frame and reflector.  Perfect for installation in existing showers and closets to low ceiling basements applications with the benefits of energy saving LED technology.

4" design with an impressive 700 lumens and 90CRI for true healthy color rendering.  3000K and matte white finish. 


1. Flange: aluminum, painted white.

2. Lens: diffuser is used for smooth and diffused light pattern.

3. Junction Box: steel, 4 78" x 1 14" x 4 18" Clip attached on the side of the J-box to connect with fixture or new construction plate to meet NEC (National Electric Code). J-box also has key holes on the side for mounting on joist

4. Connector: locking power connection is used to connect J-box and fixture. Standard length of the connection is 16" (400mm).

5. Ceiling cutout: installation template on adhesive backed label is supplied with the product.  4" round: 4 316" (106mm) diameter.

6. Gasket: foam gasket supplied with fixture.